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On staycation but wish you could travel to China?
Are you ready to take an Asian spicy-eating challenge?
Then join the Spicy Hot Pot Challenge on 9th of Sep 17:30 !!!
Hot Pot Republic and Mikkeller team up to reward the hardcore spicy foodies with
Free Mikkeller beers and Free Hot Pot!

(Sorry, it’s fully booked!)

Take the Challenge!

The Rules of the Competition

You join the challenge as a team. One team shares one hot pot. The minimum number of one team is 2 persons; the maximum number is 5 persons.
Every participant can get a free Mikkeller guest beer. If your team wins the challenge, the hot pot and the Mikkeller beers your team order will be free. Your team will also be the “Dragon Masters” of the evening and you can wear the cool dragon head ??
The hot pot will be serviced from the extra spicy level (the highest level on our normal menu). In the first 20 minutes, you will have a peaceful hot pot with the first 5 ingredients. Then every 10 minutes, we will service 2 more hot pot ingredients and add around 30 g chilli sauce into your hot pot. You need to cook the ingredients in the spicy hot pot soup and finish them with 10 min.
The challenge will last for 2 hours, and we will add the chilli sauce 5 times. The amount of the chilli will be increased every time. If your team can continue until finishing all the spicy challenges, and finish all the food within the required time, then you win! ——However, if there is more than one team passes all the challenges, the team which finishes the spicy hot pot within the shortest time will be the winner!!!
You can also quit the challenge at any time. After you quit, we will change a normal hot pot for you. You will get the rest of the ingredients and enjoy watching the rest of the competition ? And you will need to pay for the hot pot menu.
You are allowed to order drinks (except water) during the competition. However, you cannot add your drink to the hot pot broth.


Sold Out!

See the video of the past Spicy Hot Pot Challenge ?

Important rules to keep the fair play:

– All the ingredients must be cooked in the spicy broth.
– You cannot take chill sauce from one part of the hot pot to another part of the hot pot. Otherwise your team will be disqualified.
– We will add broth during the competition to every table. But you cannot add any liquid to your hot pot broth.

How to Join?

You can join by booking a table on Sep 9 at 17:30, and remark “spicy hot pot challenge” in your booking.
From 17:30-18:00 you will be warmed up by the first 5 ingredients with the extra spicy hot pot.
The competition will start at 18:00.

(Limited Spot. Please book before 16:00 on 5th of Sep)


Take the Challenge!

What is hot pot?

You and your closest friends sit around a steaming hot pot with a variety of exoitic ingredients. You create both your dinner together, and share the food and memories together.

“There is nothing you cannot solve around a steaming hot pot”.

Hot Pot Republic is a newly opened hot pot restaurant and the first of its kind in Denmark. At Hot Pot Republic, not only will you get gourmet food – you will also share a unique social experience with your closest ones.

Are you ready?

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