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If you want a non-traditional holiday with new and delicious cultural traditions
– this is your chance!

From 16th to 21st of April, we add a little extra to our daily menu. For a limited week, you can experience the temporary Easter menu at Hot Pot Republic!

Our head chef, Mr. Mao will perform his magic to a delicious Asian style Easter menu for you. With 24 years of recognised experience in Sichuan cuisine, Mr. Mao is known for his talent to play with different natural spices using them to uncover the hidden tastes of natural ingredients.

Oolong Tea Egg

Organic egg braised with Oolong tea, homemade soya sauce, star anise, carnations and amomum tsao-ko

Red Braised Pork Belly

Tender and smooth pork belly slow-cooked with chef’s oyster sauce

Easter Hot Pot

2 Different soup bases – Spicy & Umami
8 Signature hot pot ingredients
2 Types of hot pot dipping sauces

Malayasian Mango Sago

Malaysian palm tree sago cooked in coconut milk and topped with mango

Price: 395 DKK/ Person

Order Ticket

Order Ticket

Asian Drink Combo 98/ Person

1 of the 3 Asian Beers
Asahi (Japan), Tsingtao Premium (China), or Hite (Korea)
1 Korean Soju-40ml
1 Sake Karakuchi ikkon-40ml

Order Ticket

Non-Traditional Easter Menu

Holler Box