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Hot Pot with Strangers

Are you currently in Copenhagen? How about dining with some like-minded foodies? There are thousands of fabulous people you haven’t met yet!

We are hosting this event on March 19th to create a social platform for people with great ideas and love for food to meet each. You would be surprised how many world-shaking ideas and friendships were born while sharing a delicious hot pot with newly met people.

Good Food Connects People Together

Hot pot is the world most social dining format— you and other foodies sit around a steaming hot pot on a long table. You “cook” along by simmering the selected ingredients for a few minutes in one of two aromatic soups, and share the delicious food together.

Book a table on Mar 19!

How to join?

The event will start at 18:00 on March 19. Book a table and remark “hot pot with strangers”, we will put all the brilliant participants in one big table.

We offer the Chef’s menu + still water with a reduced price of 250 DKK/person for this event.

Share the food, share your ideas and share a good moment in life with other foodies. Let’s create the new dining style together!

Book a table on Mar 19!