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Want to celebrate christmas with a memorable hot pot experience with friends or family at home? It is possible now!

You can order the hot pot takeaway from us with both food and hot pot equipment (free to rent). All you need to do is to make the order, choose the pick-up date and time, and pick the food and hot pot equipment from our restaurant in Vesterbrogade.

Hot Pot Christmas Menu
(Vegetarian & Vegan options are available)
265 dkk/ person, minimum order for 2 people

Soup Base (3-4 Liters)
Slow-cooked beef and chicken broth (or veggie soup)
Choose 2 of these flavours – mala  // kimchi // spicy tomato  // umami

Hot Pot Republic style frikadeller and flæskesteg,
beef, pork, purple potato, bok choy, radicchio, wood ear mushroom, Chinese cabbage, romanesco broccoli, butternut squash
dumplings, tofu, red beetroot, sweet-potato-based glass noodles

Hot Pot Republic dipping sauce

Dessert: Tofu a la mande (Vegan)
75 dkk/ portion
Homemade tofu cream with sweet red beans and almond inside and the topping of fresh danish strawberry sauce and Sichuan peppercorn.

Order Hot Pot Takeaway

How to set up hot pot takeaway at home?

Please read it before you pick up your hot pot takeaway:

Order Hot Pot Takeaway

Good Food Connects People Together

Hot pot is one of the most social dining formats you can think of. Not only are you’re your party gathered at a long table sharing a healthy and delicious meal – you’re “cooking” together and creating an unforgettable experience for and with each other. Our hot pot is gluten-free, dairy-free and low-carbs. Politiken’s reviewers gave it ❤️❤️❤️❤️!