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Dinner Menu

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Full-Experience Menu

2 Course (Hot Pot + Starter or Dessert) 350/person

3 Course (Starter +Hot Pot + Dessert ) 395/person

Starters 开胃菜

Sichuan Popcorn Chicken  🌶️Crispy chicken tossed with Sichuan spices – 95 DKK
Pumped Beef Double-side toasted rib-eye soaked in five-spices – 95 DKK
YuXiang Eggplant (VG) Classic Sichuan cuisine, Yuxiang flavoured eggplant – 95 DKK
Mala Tiger Salad 🌶️ (VG) Enoki mushroom, fried tofu skin, cucumber, mala – 95 DKK

Hot Pot 火锅

285 /Person

Choose Soup Base
Choose 2 of these flavours – Mala 🌶️🌶️ // Kimchi // Spicy Tomato 🌶️ // Umami

Enjoy our selected ingredients, all inclusive (vegan option available)

Beef, pork, black shrimp, dumplings, coral tooth mushroom, enoki mushroom, water bamboo, lotus root, bok choy,
tofu, yakisoba noodles, selected seasonal veggies, HPR dipping

Dessert 饭后甜点

Spice Cream (V) – 85 DKK

Chef’s coconut ice cream, rick cracker, fresh mango, chili oil


Chinese Chocolate Pudding (V) – 85 DKK

Chinese five spices, dark chocolate, cream and chilli flakes

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