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Full-Experience Menu

Starter + Chef’s Hot Pot + Dessert 395/person

Two Course Menu

Starter + Chefs Hot Pot 345/person
Chefs Hot Pot + Dessert 325/person

Starters 开胃菜

Sichuan Popcorn Chicken  🌶️Crispy chicken tossed with Sichuan spices – 95 DKK
Pumped Beef Double-side toasted rib-eye soaked in five-spices and wassabi – 95 DKK
YuXiang Eggplant (V, VG) Eggplant & peppers with chef’s Yuxiang sauce – 85 DKK
Spring Leek (V) Chinese French fusion, leek, poached egg, cottage cheese – 85 DKK

Chef’s Hot Pot 火锅

265 /Person
***Meat, Vegetarian, and Vegan options available***

Soup Base
Choose 2 of these flavours – Mala 🌶️🌶️ // Kimchi // Spicy Tomato 🌶️ // Umami

Beef, pork, dumplings, lotus root, wooden ear mushroom, bok choy, daikon,
selected seasonal veggies, tofu skin, tofu, glass noodles, HPR dipping sauce

Dessert 饭后甜点

Spice Cream – 75 DKK

Lime coconut ice cream served with rice crackers and topped with mango jelly and chili oil

Mango Mousse Sago (V, VG) – 75 DKK

Palm tree sago, mango, mango mousse, coconut milk 

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