Dumplings Workshop

Let us bring Asian culture to you and your friends here in Copenhagen!

With step-by-step guide, every participant will make around 20-30 dumplings, learn how to cook them in crispy but healthy way, and also take the dumplings and the tips for hosting your own dumpling party home.

At the workshop you will work with other foodies, share cooking techniques and enjoy the social time.

What you will learn?

1) Make dumpling fillings with ingredients from a local supermarket.
We will teach you two recipes– both meat dumplings and veggie dumplings.

2) How to fold dumplings
You will not only learn how to fold the traditionally pleated dumplings but you can also experiment with other creative dumpling variations.

3) How to cook dumplings
You will learn two classic ways of cooking dumplings: boiled and fried.

Workshop held in English.
Gift cards can be used for ticket purchase.
Corona Guidelines are strictly followed.
All ages welcome.

Sunday Jan 30, 12:30-16:00

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About Hot Pot Republic

What is hot pot? You and your closest friends sit around a steaming hot pot with a variety of exoitic ingredients. You create both your dinner together, and share the food and memories together.

“There is nothing you cannot solve around a steaming hot pot”.

Hot Pot Republic is a newly opened hot pot restaurant and the first of its kind in Denmark. At Hot Pot Republic, not only will you get gourmet food – you will also share a unique social experience with your closest ones.