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Join the celebration of Chinese new year!

The Chinese Lunar New Year is a 20-day festival beckoning in new beginnings and change – and this year, you can celebrate with us!

From 17.01 to 02.02, you will experience a unique festival menu, authentic decoration and special trained staff who can use the 12 zodiac sign to foretell your fortune in the year of the rat!

? Share a Festival Edition of Hot Pot ?

We’ll bring some never-before seen ingredients to the table as part of the Chinese New Year’s menu – but make sure you let others have the first bite as you cook your food together!


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Fortune New Year Menu 鼠岁丰登套餐

325 DKK / Person

New Year Special Hot Pot 新年精选火锅
(Vegetarian & Vegan option is available )

4 Different flavours to choose – kimchi, mala, spicy tomato and umami
Cod, Beef & Pork
Chinese winter melon, lotus root, wood ear mushroom, bok choy, daikon

Green-pea-based glass noodles, dumplings, tofu skin, tofu
Traditional Chinese dipping sauce

Snow Fungus Dessert Soup (V) 银耳莲子养颜羹

Slow-cooked snow fungus, goji berries, lotus seeds, longan, red dates and sweetened with rock sugar

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? Foretell your fortune in the Year of the Rat ?

Our specially trained waiters and waitresses will help you find your Chinese zodiac animal ? ?.
There are 12 animals, each representing a year in the 12-year cycle of the Lunar Calendar. In ancient China, the zodiac animals were used to predict the fortune of individuals and the country – maybe it still holds true today? Make sure to ask our staff for the secret red envelope which holds your 2020 fortune!

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Free New Year Concert by Music Confucius Instituttet on 2nd Feb

On 2nd Feb, the last day of Chinese new year celebration, we will invite Music Confucius Institute from The Royal Danish Academy of Music to play a concert using traditional Chinese instruments, free of charge for all the hot potters!
For years the artists from Music Confucius Institute work on creating synergies between classical Western and Chinese musical traditions. It’s a great honour for us to get this opportunity to provide that high-level music experience to our hot potters.
The concert will start from 16:00 and end at around 17:00. To enjoy the concert, You can:
Either book at table during lunch time and enjoy the concert after lunch;
Or book at table after 17:00 and enjoy the concert before dinner.

Book a Table on 2nd Feb

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