Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with us

Hot Pot Republic invites food and culture lovers of all ages to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with a traditional, festive and “hyggeligt” meal!
1st of Feb marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger —From January 27 to February 15, you can experience a celebration with delicious New Year’s food,
unique decorations and Chinese traditional clothing.
Our special trained staff will bring the “Red Envelope” to foretell your fortune in the year of tiger 😃

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Chinese New Year Menu

2 Course (Hot Pot + Starter or Dessert) 360/person
3 Course (Starter +Hot Pot + Dessert ) 420/person

Starters 开胃菜

New Year’s Fish Danish flounder (skrubbe) steamed in the traditional Chinese way
Chef’s Tiger Salad  (VG) Enoki mushroom, fried tofu skin, cucumber, mala

Hot Pot 火锅

Choose Soup Base
Choose 2 of these flavours – Mala  // Kimchi // Spicy Tomato  // Umami

Enjoy our selected ingredients, all inclusive (vegan option available)

Beef, pork, black shrimp, dumplings, coral tooth mushroom, enoki mushroom, water bamboo, lotus root, bok choy,
tofu, yakisoba noodles, selected seasonal veggies, HPR dipping

Dessert 饭后甜点

Tangyuan (sweet dumplings) with black sesame filling, chef’s mango mousse

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Red envelope
will foretell your fortune of 2022

There are 12 animals, each representing a year in the 12-year cycle of the Lunar Calendar.
In ancient China, the zodiac animals were used to predict the fortune of individuals and the country – maybe it still holds true today?
Our waiters will bring secret red envelope to you which holds your 2022 fortune!

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