The story of Hot Pot Republic started in the heart of a Chinese girl, Fanshuang. We call her Fan. When Fan came to Denmark in 2011, steaming hot pot was the only homesick cure that could assuage some of her longings for home. A taste fix from Motherland that could take the edge, during the dark and gloomy Danish winter.

Hot pot was just the thing, combining several elements of taste, smell, feel and experience of China - and most importantly home. Reminding of familiar things and bringing her right back to the place she missed so much.

Lo and behold, hot pot had been a miracle remedy and quick-fix for Fan before. That is in manners of being social with classmates and friends, while studying in China. She had used this particular Asian, social delicacy, years back, to break the ice with a somewhat seemingly unfriendly study group. Hot pot made their time and work together as a study group pleasant and productive after they shared a bowl of hot pot and bonded over this unique dinner experience. They quickly became friends after that and were united from that point onwards, even till this day.

Gradually, Fan, in her own ways, discovered again and again that hot pot was a nice and effective way to make new friends. She made it her passion and dream. Fan saw how sharing a hot pot and cooking food together, people were connected closely in the moment of the experience. With hot pot, alas, boundaries are torn down organically. Social boundaries and lines in the sand that usually take a long period of time to get rid of. That is namely the magic of hot pot. Being inherently social and bringing people together. All the while still being very healthy and nutritious but most importantly, ever so yummy!


We are Hot Pot Republic. A gathering of Asian foodies that just want to bring some new flavours and feels to town. We are here to shake things up in Copenhagen in terms of Asian-styled cuisine - So get ready!

In Hot Pot Republic, we like to let our guests to do most of the talking. So when asked, you guys said that we, as a restaurant, are a new, different and interesting take on Asian food. Definitely exotic, compared to regular food here in Copenhagen.

It was also said by you that the great thing about hot pot is its social, communal vibes - and we agree. That’s why we firstly and most importantly ventured to provide a brand and product that naturally has those qualities. Namely hot pot. Along with that, our product, according to customers, has a great variety of biological and organic, nutritious, yummy ingredients in terms of veggies, Asian specialities and meats. The food is consistent with low-carb, dairy and gluten free dietary styles, yet with an edge and some spice.

We secondly want to create and offer a space of sweet ambiance and good feelings. Bringing you somehow directly to the birthing home or the cradle of hot pot, as we see it. In that place, the vibes and attitudes are chill and relaxed, so we strive to inspire the same.

So far you agree. Let’s keep it that way!


Hot pot is the healthy, but also extremely yummy, social food serving of Asia - and we do live in the age of social! With hot pot, you have broth in the middle, spicy and not umami, and a colorful variety of ingredients to dip in the hot pot soup. Those ingredients include out of the ordinary, quirky Asian vegetables and different meats. Behold, you have a recipe for culinary magic. That is because there lies great harmony between the tender, crunchy veggies and the crispy meat. Every part complimenting the other, while being of freshest, ecological and nutritious caliber available. Our gastronomical doctrine is to provide something very Asian in its core, which still fulfils social elements and offers togetherness. We import locally and from Asian vendors of Asian food. In the end, our purpose is to introduce Denmark and Danish people, to good quality hot pot. Something which has not been done yet, making us the first hot pot restaurant of its kind in Copenhagen. Offering something that can gather people, bring intimacy and something to talk about, just by sharing some food in the form of hot pot. Don’t forget, it’s delicious too!