Why Hot Pot?

“There is nothing you cannot solve with a steaming hot pot”.The story started from a dream of Fanshuang, the lady behind Hot Pot Republic.

When Fanshuang first came to Denmark, the steaming hot pot helped her feel at home in the long Danish winter. Soon she found out hot pot was also a great facilitator to build new friendships and introduce others to her beloved Asian culture.

Since 2017, Fanshuang and her team started to introduce hot pot concept to Danes by different pop-ups and events. In 2018, the first hot pot themed restaurant in Copenhagen was established in Vesterbro.

“By sitting together, cooking and sharing the food with each other, people build stronger connections. That’s what motivates us the most to create this hot pot space”. –Fanshuang said.

Who are we?

The Hot Pot Republic team is a group of international, dedicated people with a passion for hot pot and Asian culture. The team is as eager as Fanshuang to introduce hot pot to EVERYONE in Copenhagen.

Besides providing the best food and service to hot potters, each of us have additional passions. Most of the photos, graphics, videos, and interior decor are made by ourselves. We wish to not only serve hot pot, but also to create an inclusive Asian cultural community for everyone.