Why Hot Pot?

“Nothing you cannot solve with a steaming hot pot”.

The story started from a dream of Fanshuang, the lady behind Hot Pot Republic.

When Fan first came to Denmark as a student, the steaming hot pot helped her to survive in the long and gloomy Danish winter. Soon she found out hot pot was also a great facilitator for her to build new friendships in the new land.

The special dining format can quickly break the boundaries between people. By sitting together, cooking and sharing the food with each other, people build stronger connections.  

So after being the super host of hot pot party for years, Fan decided to introduce hot pot to everyone in Denmark, not just her friends.

Who are we?

When Fan decided to quit her job as a Sr. Analyst and work 100% on the hot pot dream, she was very lucky to meet a group of Asian foodies and one of the best Sichuan chefs in Denmark. The team is as eager as Fan to introduce hot pot to EVERYONE in Copenhagen.

Hot Pot Republic offers not only high-quality food, but a memorable social experience. All the team strive to spread the charm of the traditional Asian hot pot and bring like-minded people together around a hot pot table.